Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Hair loss in women

Hair loss is a common problem for men and women but the pattern of hair loss is quite different in women. The reasons for hair loss in both are poor diet, hormonal disturbance, medications, chronic diseases etc. and in women, some other reasons are anaemia due to the menstrual cycle, physical and mental stress, pregnancy etc.

Generally, women do not go bald and the most frequent hair problem for women is diffuse hair loss. Most of the women face thinning of hair and if they face baldness, the pattern is different from the pattern in men. In men, the back and sides of the head do not lose hair completely. These areas are considered baldness resistant in men. In women, the baldness occurs on the head completely and there is not any baldness resistant area. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that is the enemy of hair follicles on the head of women. This hormone affects the hair follicles severely.

Hair Treatment for Women

As shown above, the women do not have any baldness area if they suffer from the baldness. This is a known fact that the baldness resistant hairs act as the donors for the bald areas in the hair transplant surgery. As women do not have any donor site, they are not ideal candidates for hair transplant surgery.

It does not mean they cannot be treated. The treatment for women has some difference if they are facing diffuse hair loss. There are some women who can be the good candidates for hair transplant as well. For such women, hair transplant surgery is helpful.

Who are the best candidates for Hair Transplant?

A very small percentage of women are ideal candidates for hair transplant surgery. The ideal women candidates for hair transplant are given below:

  • Smiley face The women suffering from traction alopecia (non hormonal).
  • Smiley face If the pattern of baldness is similar of male-pattern baldness.
  • Smiley face Women with alopecia marginalis.
  • Smiley face Women who suffer hair loss due to trauma, accidents, and burns .
  • Smiley face Women who want to restructure their hairline.
  • Smiley face Women who have lost some but not all hair due to injuries or burns.
  • Smiley face Women who experienced hair loss after face lifts or other cosmetic procedures.

Treatment Procedure for Women

Generally, the women are not the ideal candidates for hair transplant surgery but the women facing any of the problems mentioned above, they can undergo this surgery.

Basically, two procedures are used for women that are Strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both the procedures have some advantages and disadvantages for women and any of them cannot be said as an ideal choice for women. However, most of the doctors use strip method because the women have long hair and they can hide the scar made by the method.

Female Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Before starting any treatment for women facing diffuse hair loss, a complete workout is essential. After that, the treatment is given by using medical, surgical or the combination of both treatment options.

Why should you choose us?

We take any case with utmost care since the women need a different approach for the treatment. Therefore, we start the procedure by performing a specific medical evaluation. Generally, we have a long discussion with the patient and spend hours in diagnosing the conditions of the scalp and hair. After reaching the conclusion, we start the treatment by giving her certain medications with surgical treatment if needed.
The baldness in women is not a normal condition as they do not go bald and only have thinning of hair or diffuse hair loss. Therefore, the doctor treating them needs a certain level of expertise and experience. A balance of surgical and non-surgical treatments is needed to get satisfactory results.
We are proud that we have dealt with several cases in which all the female patients got the permanent solution of the hair loss problems. If you also are facing such problems, never hesitate to set a meeting with us.

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Unfortunately, I was suffering from diffuse hair loss with female – pattern baldness as well. The doctors treated me carefully. I am completely satisfied with the results.
-Ritika Khanna

I was bald but didn’t want to undergo any surgical treatment. One of my friends told me about the Absolute clinic and I decided to meet them. They handled the case with a great humanity. I had the surgery a year ago and I have observed delightful results. Thanks, doctor!
- Umakant Yadav