FUE Hair Transplant in Andheri West

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is an advanced hair transplant procedure which is greatly effective for acquiring natural results. Unlike FUT, this surgery is performed without any incisions or sutures. As a result, there are no chances of scars on the donor area.

Best Candidates For FUE

When a patient visits us, first of all, we decide a suitable procedure for him. Generally, we check the number of grafts required for the surgery, the density of hair, the number of healthy grafts on the donor area, the color of hair, causes of hair loss etc.

After these observations, we decide to perform FUE or not.

Generally, if the person is facing male pattern baldness with healthy donor areas on the back of the head and has realistic expectations, he is the best candidate for FUE.

What is the procedure?

In this technique, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area and then they are implanted immediately into the bald areas.

In FUE, haIr follicles are extracted from the donor area leaving a tiny hole in the skin. After that, small holes are created within the recipient site using a small needle. Finally, the grafts are transplanted to the bald areas of the head. The process is repeated until the preplanned hair follicles are transplanted to the bald area.

All the process take almost 7 to 9 hours and sometimes, more than one sessions are required for satisfactory results.

FUE Hair Transplant Mumbai

What are the advantages?

FUE hair restoration technique is mostly used today for a solid reason. This method is has been found extremely effective for hair treatment and therefore, uncountable patients like to be treated by FUE when it comes to the selection of a suitable hair treatment procedure.

Some other reasons are as follows:

  • Smiley face This surgery is performed without any cut and without any stitch.
  • Smiley face This surgery does not leave any linear scar.
  • Smiley face In FUE, the grafts can be extracted from the arms, legs, chest or beard.
  • Smiley face Best procedure when a limited number of grafts are required.
  • Smiley face Negligible discomfort after the surgery.
  • Smiley face Fast recovery time.

Why should you choose us?

FUE hair transplant in Mumbai is preferable with our extra ordinary efforts. We claim that we are unique having a valid reason and this reason is our strong will to provide you satisfactory results.
Are zealous to make FUE hair transplant extra-effective. Therefore, our clinic has got name and fame for hair transplant in Andheri West.
Never hesitate to contact us as we are very friendly, careful and approachable every time. If you need a sincere guidance from a skilled expert, fix a meeting with us soon.

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Our Results

Our Happy Clients

Unfortunately, I was suffering from diffuse hair loss with female – pattern baldness as well. The doctors treated me carefully. I am completely satisfied with the results.
-Ritika Khanna

I was bald but didn’t want to undergo any surgical treatment. One of my friends told me about the Absolute clinic and I decided to meet them. They handled the case with a great humanity. I had the surgery a year ago and I have observed delightful results. Thanks, doctor!
- Umakant Yadav