Hair Transplant Cost

However, we advise that you should not think much about the cost of hair transplant since the quality is not dependent on the cost. It is not necessary that an expensive doctor provides high-class treatments and a cheap doctor provides bad treatments.
Our doctors are efficient enough to decide a suitable procedure for you and they perform every procedure with such expertise that you do not need to pay more than the real cost of the treatment. Our doctors harvest the grafts with efficiency so they do not get wasted. Moreover, they transplant only needed grafts as they are experienced to judge the total need of grafts for a patient.

Contact us and we promise you to provide a cost effective treatment with high-quality.

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Hair Transplant Cost

The patients looking for a hair transplant clinic generally think about hair transplant cost as well. Usually, the cost of hair transplant depends on the following factors:

Experienced doctors charge more than the inexperienced doctors. Moreover, the doctors increase their charges getting more and more efficiency.
Hair transplant cost depends on the procedure as well. Generally, FUE is more expensive than Strip method. FUE is costly since it is more time consume and needs more expertise.
The cost of the hair transplant depends on the total number of grafts you need.
The cost of hair transplant may vary from clinic to clinic. The clinics with experienced doctors and advanced techniques are more costly than the others. Some clinics provide machines for free while some add the charge in the final price.
Hair treatment cost varies place to place like the Prices are more expensive in the US and Europe than the rest of the world.
With us, you should not worry about hair transplant cost in Andheri West as we try to provide treatments with affordable hair transplant cost in Mumbai.
Advanced techniques are helpful in reducing the cost of the hair transplant. Here we use most advanced techniques to reduce the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai.
We repeat that the quality is above all and on this front, we never fail. Most of the patient who contacted us are fully satisfied now.