Hair Loss / Hair Fall

Hair Loss/ Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss/Hair Fall

Generally, hair all is a normal condition and all the people face more or less hair fall at times. Due to certain reasons, hair fall changes into hair loss or baldness. Initially, hair fall can be prevented with the help of healthy diet or some medications but later when hair fall changes into excessive hair loss, meeting with a doctor is necessary.

Causes of Hair Loss


As a fact, hair needs a nutritious diet to remain healthy and due to the absence of nutritious diet, hair gets weaker. As a result, the hair starts to fall due to weak roots. Sometimes, the patient is suffering from male-pattern baldness which is a sign of genetic hair loss. Hair loss may occur due to hormonal imbalance and chronic diseases as well. Stress and sleeping disorders are also responsible for hair loss.


General causes of hair loss are the same in men or women but women may lose hair due to some others reasons as well. Due to a hectic lifestyle and emotional nature, they may feel depressed or stressed that result in hair fall. Pregnancy and menstrual cycle are some of the main causes of hair loss in women.

Hair Loss Treatment in Andheri

Some researchers say that smoking or drinking can be responsible for hair loss as well.

Symptoms of Hair Loss in Men and Women

For men, the main symptom of hair loss is a receding hairline on the forehead. The hair seems dull and lifeless. Hair with split ends and thinning of hair are also some of the main symptoms of hair loss. In women, generally, thinning of hair takes place which does not change in hair loss or baldness. Thinning of hair all over the head is called diffuse hair loss.

Hair Treatment in Andheri West

Hair loss treatment in Absolute Hair Clinic

Hair loss treatments in Absolute hair clinic are performed with a different approach for men and women. Males generally develop male-pattern baldness but women rarely go bald. However, women may face diffuse hair loss and it can be treated medically or sometimes surgically as well.

Some of the hair loss treatments provided for men or women are as follows:

Some of the medications like minoxidil are useful for all the stages of diffuse hair loss. Some other medicines or supplements also provided to make the hair stronger. As women are not ideal candidates for hair transplant, We try to treat them with medications.
Non-surgical treatments:
Non-surgical treatments like ozone therapy, PRP hair loss treatments are extremely useful for hair loss. However, these treatments do not work on baldness.
Surgical Treatments:
FUE and FUT are some of the well-known surgical treatment. For treating hair loss or baldness, we use both of them very effectively. Our team is conversant in examining the conditions of the patient according to which the most suitable procedure is decided.

Hair loss treatments with us

The Absolute clinic uses all the techniques for hair loss treatment. You will be treated surgically or non-surgically according to your conditions. If you are facing hair loss problems, you can contact us for hair treatment in Andheri.

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Unfortunately, I was suffering from diffuse hair loss with female – pattern baldness as well. The doctors treated me carefully. I am completely satisfied with the results.
-Ritika Khanna

I was bald but didn’t want to undergo any surgical treatment. One of my friends told me about the Absolute clinic and I decided to meet them. They handled the case with a great humanity. I had the surgery a year ago and I have observed delightful results. Thanks, doctor!
- Umakant Yadav